About Us

What's Alyatech?

Alya Technology & Innovation S.L. (AlyaTech) is a technology-based company engaged in Research, Development, and Innovation on issues related to sustainability and the environment, from a broad perspective.

AlyaTech aims to be the technological ally of companies and organizations interested in putting resources and means to become more sustainable, by helping them to define and meet new challenges, taking advantage of new, emerging markets and funding opportunities, improving their sustainability, and turnover.

We develop our own technology as well as proprietary tools for our customers, mainly for modeling, product design, and management; in addition, we do consult on strategy, supporting companies and organizations in developing new sustainable products, improving existing ones, and on the market and strategic alliances. In AlyaTech we want to be your technology partner, to help your company and the society to be more sustainable, taking advantage of new opportunities to improve your business and achieve your goals.

AlyaTech is a global company, founded in 2015 in Sabadell, Spain.

Our Strategic Areas

  • Improving the environment in terms of issues of energy efficiency, low environmental impact, new forms of energy, waste recovery, CO2 capture and utilization, new fuels: the quality of the air we breathe.

  • Develop and improve water treatment technologies: application of new materials, improved energy efficiency, waste utilization: improve the quality of the water on our planet.

  • Technologies related to the agro-food industry, new fertilizers (natural), improving soil quality, longer shell life of products: provide more sustainable food.

  • Research and development of new materials based on nanotechnology and others for different applications, including the strategic areas abovementioned and others.