Research, Development, and Innovation

At AlyaTech we carry out our own research with a clear applied aspect. We are experts in multiscale modeling and simulation (quantum, molecular, computational, and process dynamics) and apply these tools for the development of sustainable products and processes, including water treatment, separation of pollutants, the capture of CO2 and other gases of the greenhouse effect, design and characterization of advanced materials and nanotechnology for various industrial applications.

We also provide innovative and complete environmental improvement solutions. We are experts in the use of life cycle analysis tools, applied to the environmental impact assessment of processes and products of our customers. We assess its economic viability while quantifying potential environmental improvements.

This applied research and its implementation allow us to be at the forefront of the development of new sustainable technologies, putting us in a strategic position to lead our customers to leverage their R&D&i efforts in order to grow and expand their product offerings and their customer portfolio.