Our History

Sustainability and the preservation of the environment are becoming some of the greatest concerns of society, marking trends in consumer preferences, leading the administrations to take some steps towards it, and opening new marketing and business opportunities. Alya Technology & Innovation S.L. (AlyaTech) was created in 2015 to accelerate and enhance the development and application of new sustainable technologies, speeding their launch to the society for a sustainable world. To accelerate these developments and deployments we work hand-by-hand with the key stakeholders: companies, public administrations, R&D institutions, and the general public.

In AlyaTech, we strongly believe in sustainable development and, therefore, we are committed to take care and improve the environment in each and every one of our projects and daily work, also helping our customers and partners to fulfill this commitment while increasing their turnover.

The founding partners and collaborators of AlyaTech have a strong technological background and proven experience in product development / environmental services (from idea to market), with commercial products, patents, utility models and technical publications. Some of us have developed our activity in both the public and private sectors, and exercised as independent technical experts in the evaluation of projects and R&D strategies for various institutions. Our vast experience in public-private R&D&i consortia, together with complementary technical know-how and management expertise, provides a unique framework for developing and implementing innovative processes and ideas.